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The Sound of My Feelings.

Written by on February 20, 2021

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Stuck in traffic while Driving through Falomo, could things probably get any worse today? Heartbroken, broke, hungry, out of data and my bank services are down so I can’t even recharge my line, such a day! “I need something to distract myself”, turned on the radio, but it didn’t seem to work as I’m not so interested about what’s happening in the world, I have enough drama going on in my own life. The lady’s voice remained faint in my ears, until I heard a familiar sound “that’s Asa’s song”.

The person behind the console is probably feeling the same way I am or has some sort of super power and could tell what song to play based on some certain kind of atmospheric energy. Even in a moment  like this my mind still runs wild, hurrgh…
Sat up, turned on the volume and just like a puppet I opened my mouth and started singing along
“walking down the street, walking aimless…… tears rolled down my eyes truly as I sang that part of the song that described what I was doing. I was living the song, the only difference is that I wasn’t walking down a street, I’m stuck in Lagos traffic all on my own which is even worse.
At the top of my voice I sang along
“I am torn between evil and hurting you. No refund for a broken heart and I am feeling such a fool………….”

Fond memories started flashing through my mind as I tried to hold back the hot tears rolling down my cheek, just some days ago he was driving me home while we munched on Gala and sang along to Roju. We were singing and vibing to the song “Give me your heart I no go run away, show me your love I no use you play, carry me go…..”
He said he was going to be my Romeo and that he wanted me to be his Juliet.
I smiled like an idiot as I sang the song, there was no reason for me not to be happy, it was my favourite song playing on the radio while I sat in the car beside my favourite human. It’s just funny how things turned so quickly, one day everything is fine and suddenly switches up on you the next. Just like your life is some sort of flip the switch challenge.

If there were a song that could describe how I feel right now, it’s this song playing on the radio. Music
 they say is art, it truly might be art, but it’s definitely more than just art. Music is an expresses our deepest feelings and emotions. If you could describe your current state of mind with a song, what song would it be?

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