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Let me introduce myself! MisiFM

Written by on July 9, 2020

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‘Life is heaven, but a lingering pain is hell’

“The word ‘happiness’ does indeed have meaning, doesn’t it? I shall go out in search of it.” 
― Mariama Bâ.

Let me introduce myself now!

My name is Yemi Orisawayi and this is a letter to myself and to you my dear audiences worldwide. When I was 19 years old, I produced and presented a television programme with full sponsorship titled ‘Images of arts and culture’. I travelled around the world to interesting places, interviewed people of different cultures and beliefs. I dinned in the best places and tasted dishes I never dreamt I would.

Today, I am older, I am a mother and travel less. What I have learnt and yet to learn in this wonderful universe and beyond I wish to remind myself. In Mariama Bâ’s words I shall go in search of happiness as I once knew.

 I love to express myself in Arts and Culture, but what does it really mean to me or to you if you are reading this long letter, well to me it means a lot, it’s about people, me, you, us, diverse groups, the way we interact and communicate with each other, what we do, our beliefs and the way we are meant to carry on with life as it were.

What is culture? the word Culture is derived from the Latin word ‘Cultus’, which means to inhabit or cultivate while Arts in Latin means Arrangement.

Daniel Bell in the distinction of culture and social structure believes that, ‘social forces always finds expression in culture even when they work unseen and the problem is stated falsely if culture and society are torn apart from one another and are regarded as fully independent spheres which as such react upon one another’.

Bell also refers to Culture as a form of expression, I see arts and culture as life. Indeed, Arts and Culture is how we express ourselves. Without these there is no life, no communication.

Music is art, it is an expression of everyone’s culture, and I bring to you my taste in music which is deep rooted in Soul and Jazz music.  Welcome to misifm my name is Yemisi Orisawayi…

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